Mentoring Programmes

We give children and young people aged 7+ across the North Somerset access to experienced, passionate, hand-paired youth mentors.

The JHF aims to ensure that young people have positive experiences and relationships to help build vital resilience.

“The experiences that the child has, particularly the relationships, are very important. It is crucial that we provide positive experiences, especially for those children who’ve experienced adversity. So things like trusting relationships and nurturing environments are the important conditions that provide for healthy brain development. And this in turn provides a foundation for good mental health and good physical health.”

– Professor Eamon McCrory, University College London

Our mentors engage with young people in sessions tailored to the needs of each individual within a school environment or out in the community.

They help young people build self-esteem, confidence and resilience so they can deal with issues that impact on their everyday lives and look forward to a positive future.

Transition coaching

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School support package

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Education, Employment, Training coaching

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Youth Offending Support

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SEND Bespoke Programme

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Gaining Independence Programme

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Travel Training

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How mentoring works at the JHF

We offer a range of mentoring experiences, all of which are tailored to precisely meet the needs of the young person we are working with.  Depending on the complexity of a young person’s needs we may work with them from six weeks up to a year or beyond.

When working alongside the JHF Youth Charity, you can expect:

  • Carefully matched mentors, tutors, and therapists, from a passionate, professional and qualified team
  • A young person-centred approach
  • A clear record of attendance, engagement and progress towards agreed goals
  • Close working with parents, carers, schools and external agencies
  • A charitable, community ethos, including opportunities for free support and grant-funded opportunities for young people

The above programmes are our most common interventions, but each young person referred to us will have a carefully created bespoke plan to support their unique needs.

Our services are charged at a not-for-profit hourly rate. Please feel free to contact us or complete a referral form below.

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