Education, Employment, Training coaching

Recommended timing: 4 hours a week for 12 weeks

(16-19 years old)

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Sometimes young people fall between the cracks

Perhaps they aren’t ready to make life changes at the same time as their peers, or they have experiences in life which make it very difficult to prioritise work and education.

The JHF are proud to work alongside young people who are not in education, employment or training, in order to help them work out what they would like from their future. During this coaching programme,

During the programme The JHF will:

  • Identify what the young person wants as an outcome
  • Identify suitable education or training that is available
  • Use SMART targets to build a clear plan of action together
  • Assist with applications/ CV and mock interviews
  • Help to find relevant work experience opportunities
  • Work alongside the young person on practical projects to build confidence (eg woodwork, craft or cooking)
  • Provide practical and emotional support
  • Provide fully supported access to JHF Project Growth
  • Support during the settling in period, including answering questions, acting as an advocate as necessary
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