Covid-19 Update: Spring 2021

Together we can

As we wrap up delivery programmes funded by the Charities Aid Foundation and the Quartet Community Foundation, The JHF are delighted to report that we have supported over 100 young people through the last 6 months of the pandemic, completely free of charge.

Flexibility, dedication and expertise within staff and volunteers meant that support progressed at a rapid pace, and we outperformed our predicted outreach by 625% with a combination of mentoring, tutoring, outdoor learning workshops and LEGO therapy.

Targeted towards young people disproportionately affected by COVID, beneficiaries of this support have clearly shown improvement of resilience and coping strategies, the development and repair of friend and family relationships, and increases in self-confidence when facing reintegration into school post lockdown.

Most of our interventions have taken place at our Outdoor Classroom which was 100% community built, involving dozens of local volunteers donating their tools, knowledge, time or services. The outdoor classroom continues to be community-led, involving schools and community groups as it provides a trusted place for young people with complex needs.

Our positive community collaborations throughout the pandemic have strengthened our links with local schools and charities. Our organisation is now better placed to react to the needs of our beneficiaries, with increased capacity and resources to support a sustainable future.

The JHF are committed to empowering and inspiring young lives, through the strength of positive relationships.

How Covid-19 has changed the JHF

COVID-19 has presented our small charity with an incredible challenge.

Whilst making our working situation harder, it also presented us with a greater challenge due to the impact it had on the very people we are here to support. Despite these challenges and throughout lockdown, the JHF never ceased its 250+ weekly hours of bespoke support. We continue to meet the needs of our community, thanks in large part to the flexibility and tenacity of our service users, their families, and our dedicated and growing team of mentors and tutors.

Despite growing demand, we were here for our local community when they needed us most, something we’re very proud of.

Our community has been a source of great strength for us, as we hope we have been for them. Stories of how we have supported them has given us the courage and determination to keep going, work harder and maximise our impact, whatever the climate.