Our Mission

To inspire and empower children and young people through the strength of positive relationships

Founded in 2012

November 1

Working with young people

Working with young people

As a youngster, Ben Hazeldine worked closely with his grandfather who became a powerful role model for him. Ben was the first child to receive support through what would become the foundation.

November 26

The JHF was founded

The JHF was founded

The Jack Hazeldine Foundation was set up by Ben Hazeldine and his family in 2012 using the money collected at his grandfather Jack’s funeral.

November 26

Over 100 Young People

Four years on, the JHF worked with over 100 children since inception.

July 8


In addition to mentoring, the JHF begins to offer bespoke tuition to service users requiring support to reintegrate into education.

July 2

New Premises

The JHF moves into new premises on Kenn Road, becoming a core part of the central Clevedon community.

October 1

The JHF is Relaunched

The JHF is Relaunched

The new JHF logo is revealed, and the charity is relaunched with the values of positivity, integrity, equality, diversity, inclusion, respect, resilience & collaboration.  The mission becomes fundamentally child-centered.

January 14

New JHF Vision & Mission

The Board of Trustees and key staff members gather to establish the new vision and mission for the charity.

VISION: to ensure that every child regardless of their background achieves their unique potential, goes on to lead a happy, successful life and makes a positive contribution to their community.

MISSION: to inspire and empower young lives through the strength of positive relationships.

February 3

Charity Growth

In 2020 the organisation more than doubles in size and outreach

March 17

COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic

Whilst making our working situation harder, the pandemic also presented us with a greater challenge due to the impact it had on the very people we are here to support. Despite these challenges and throughout lockdown, the JHF never ceased its 250+ weekly hours of bespoke support. We continued to meet the needs of our community, thanks in large part to the flexibility and tenacity of our service users, their families, and our dedicated and growing team of mentors and tutors.

May 4

Breaking Ground At The Orchard

Breaking Ground At The Orchard

Construction and landscaping begins at the new JHF teaching garden outside of Clevedon.  The Orchard is 100% community built, involving dozens of local volunteers donating their tools, knowledge, time or services. The outdoor classroom continues to be community-led, involving schools and community groups as it provides a trusted place for young people with complex needs, as well as being a safe place to gather outdoors throughout Covid.

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