Travel Training

Recommended timing: 3 hours x 6-8 weeks

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For many young people using a bus or train is something they have never or rarely experienced, let alone by themselves. Our bespoke travel training package can be adapted to suit learners with a range of needs and will contain some/ all of the following as appropriate.

  • Identifying barriers to independent travel eg. Anxiety, literacy
  • Familiarisation with Bus/ Train Apps
  • How to read a timetable/ search for times
  • How to buy and store a ticket, online and in person
  • The location of local bus stops and where buses they go to (identifying numbers/ routes/ side of the road to stand etc)
  • The route to the railway station/ bus stop from home
  • Managing connecting journeys
  • Journey to and from key places with their mentor, first accompanying them and then planning their own journey.
  • Behaviour on public transport, mask wearing, seating protocol
  • An independent journey from house to a pre-arranged destination with their mentor to greet them and/or see them safely returned home.