Youth offending support

Recommended timing: 4 hours a week for 18 weeks, then 3 hours a week for 6 weeks.

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We all know that people make mistakes. Young people are particularly vulnerable to peer pressure, which can lead to anti-social behaviour, criminality and risk of exploitation.  All too quickly, young people can find themselves in a downward spiral that feels impossible to get out of.

Our fully trained and non-judgmental mentors provide a unique opportunity for young people to make small but meaningful changes, improve decision making and begin to see a different future for themselves.

During this programme, The JHF will:

  • Openly address issues around anti-social behaviour
  • Support successful completion of community sentences including referral, reparation and youth rehabilitation orders
  • Provide emotional coaching to identify the young person’s needs
  • Build community resilience through JHF Project Growth as well as local clubs, leisure centres, community work and volunteering opportunities
  • Refer to specialist agencies when required
  • For those in the criminal justice system, explain what is happening, what will happen next, and offer support to the young person and family
  • Help young people and their families to meet any targets set, including working with other agencies on ABC or Child protection plans eg. School attendance

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