Transition coaching

Recommended timing:  6 weeks x 4 hours, then 6 weeks x 3 hours

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We all experience changes in life

These courses are designed to support young people through a planned or unplanned change in their life: moving school, parental separation, moving into semi-independent living, and bereavement amongst others. As adults we know that change can be unsettling, challenging, and lonely, alongside excitement there are often fears and reluctance about stepping into the unknown. Transitions may require the development of new skills or a change in attitude or behaviours.

Our transition coaching is designed to support young people experiencing change. We will use emotional coaching alongside evaluating their wishes and feelings to enable them to move into their new route through life. A carefully planned package will be agreed by all parties in order to help young people build new trusted relationships with adults and enable them to access appropriate support as necessary.  We will work closely with mentees to ensure they understand the expectations of new placements, giving them the confidence needed to thrive.

During the course our fully trained mentors will:

  • Provide emotional coaching to help young people develop resilience and confidence
  • Listen to the wishes and feelings of the young person and allow them opportunities for exploring their personal goals from the change
  • Provide a stable and constant supportive adult to listen and advise
  • Provide fully supported access to JHF Project Growth
  • Offer practical support during the transition – working alongside the young person when necessary
  • Reflection time to evaluate the change process and to allow the young person to self-assess their response to change

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