Craig - Mentor

About me

Although trained in carpentry, personal training, and forest school, my passion is being a dad and teacher to my three children. My favourite quote to which I try to live my life by is “be the change you wish to see in the world” which was spoken by Mahatma Gandhi, a wonderful example of a human being.

Why team JHF?

I’m team JHF because children are the teachers to us adults as much as we are to them.

Working together and treating children as equals benefits us both. At JHF this is possible, to bring about positive change in a child’s life and set a legacy for their future.

Things I love

I love to play my guitar (badly) and have my own allotment. I enjoy trekking, exploring and an occasional wild swim. To keep fit I play football, exercise in the gym and practice yoga. I’m also a dedicated meditator and enjoy reading discovery and learning.