Gabrielle - Trustee Chair & Board Safeguarding Lead

About me

I am a retired teacher who worked in education for forty years. Working in schools for such a length of time was an absolute honour and I am very happy to continue my involvement with young people at the JHF.

Why team JHF?

The JHF embodies the values and ethos that I embraced throughout my career, notably, a commitment to ensuring that every child regardless of their background achieves their unique potential, goes on to lead  a happy, successful life and makes a positive contribution to their community.

Things I love

It goes without saying that family which includes our much loved dog Hector are top of the list of things I love. I also love Clevedon, the town I live in and all that if offers, so much so, that on retirement I set up a website and social media platforms to promote and celebrate Clevedon. (Faces of Clevedon)