Emily - Mentor

About me

Hey! I’m Emily and I’m proud to say that I was born and bred in Clevedon. I grew up with a younger brother, lots of pets (cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, and a hamster), and lots of activities. Maths was a subject I have always been good at and I work as an aerospace systems engineer. I enjoy trying out new things, I’m socially sporty, I like to play strategy board games, I like being creative and imaginative, and I also like to simply do nothing! Over the years, I’ve volunteered with youth charities a fair bit and I’m now the Chair of Governors for a local primary school. I lost my brother to Meningitis a number of years ago and since then I’ve tried to live life for two people, experiencing all the things that I love and that I think my brother would love too.

Why team JHF?

I’ve come to realise how important an individual’s well-being is in the workplace and I believe both school and home life play a significant part in setting the foundation for positive well-being in each of us. I’m taking a break from my engineering career to explore alternative paths where I can reach out to youth and encourage them in the kind of super future that I know is out there for them. The JHF clearly has an innovative and caring approach to support youth of all ages with such strong support from the community and I’m excited to be involved.

Things I love

I absolutely love nature and spend most of my ‘me’ time creating something for my garden that insects and wild little animals will thrive in. I love travelling and I have plenty of thrilling stories about my adventures hiking to Everest Base Camp, sand-surfing in the desert, bungee-jumping over Victoria Falls, and tasting all sorts of international cuisines you could never imagine! I also love my family and friends.