Rebecca - Mentor

About me

I grew up mainly in London but also the outskirts of Bristol. As a child, I really enjoyed learning in the outdoor environment and this is something which has stayed with me.  I studied at Bath Spa University and have a degree in Environmental Biology and Education, I then completed my PGCE.  I have been working as a primary school teacher for 15 years and as a SENCo for 4 years. I’m really passionate about education and especially the education of those who are needing additional support and interventions. I am a qualified brick-based therapist and enjoy using this to support children. I have two daughters and we enjoy being active and in the outdoors. We enjoy travelling and finding out about new places, especially enjoying new foods!

Why team JHF?

I love the fact the JHF puts families at the centre and they work hard to support a family rather than just the child in the centre of it.  I like the fact the work revolves around building relationships and positive interactions, this is something which I feel really passionate about. The JHF seeks to improve the attitude and self confidence of young people in order for them to think more widely and have more confidence in their futures.

Things I love

Reading, walking, climbing, holidays, and Netflix!