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In addition to mentoring, the JHF begins to offer bespoke tuition to service users requiring support to reintegrate into education.

Project Growth @ The Orchard

The JHF launches a new outdoor learning programme to enable children to continue valuable one-to-one support despite the constraints of Coronavirus.  A series of workshops followed the themes of Personal Growth, Active Lifestyle, Environmental Action, Forest and Survival Skills, Community Engagement & Creative Showcase.

Empowering Young People

Our young mentees & tutees continue to engage, thrive and grow into empowered young individuals, with newfound confidence to attend school, maintain positive relationships and flourish.  They are challenged to exceed expectations and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Over 100 Young People

Four years on, the JHF worked with over 100 children since inception.

Working with young people

As a youngster, Ben Hazeldine worked closely with his grandfather who became a powerful role model for him. Ben was the first child to receive support through what would become the foundation.

The JHF was founded

The Jack Hazeldine Foundation was set up by Ben Hazeldine and his family in 2012 using the money collected at his grandfather Jack’s funeral.