Our Mission

To inspire and empower children and young people through the strength of positive relationships

Founded in 2012

September 8

Project Growth @ The Orchard

The JHF launches a new outdoor learning programme to enable children to continue valuable one-to-one support despite the constraints of Coronavirus.  A series of workshops followed the themes of Personal Growth, Active Lifestyle, Environmental Action, Forest and Survival Skills, Community Engagement & Creative Showcase.

February 1

Expanding Our Offer

Expanding Our Offer

LEGO® Based Therapy, On-Tools Workshops for girls and Outdoor Learning sessions are added to our growing list of services that offered by The JHF

March 31

The Orchard is finished

The Orchard is finished

The Orchard turns 1 and is kitted out with a teaching hut, tools shed, games shed, pagoda, fire-pits, vegetable patches, compost bins and paths, ready to offer more involved workshops and engagement sessions to our service users.

September 17

A National Award Winning Charity

A National Award Winning Charity
The Jack Hazeldine Foundation won Breakthrough Charity of the Year at the 2021 Third Sector Awards.  The accolade is in recognition of our unique outdoor learning space The JHF Orchard.
July 21

Collaborative Community Working

In the 2021/2022 academic year, our partnerships included 5 local & national grant funders, 13 local organisations, 35 schools and ALPs, including every secondary school in North Somerset.  Our total outreach grew by 73% compared to the previous academic year.  Find out more about our partners and funders on our Partners page.

July 31

Empowering Young People

Our young mentees & tutees continue to engage, thrive and grow into empowered young individuals, with newfound confidence to attend school, maintain positive relationships and flourish.  They are challenged to exceed expectations and achieve the seemingly impossible.

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