Seamus - Mentor

About me

I am a husband, father and business owner.

I adore being outdoors, whether that is in the garden or on a long walk up a hillside. Being outside has only ever made my days better so I try to spend as much of my time breathing fresh air.

I’m happiest when I’m active, at the moment that is through basketball. I used the sport as a focus when I was younger, a way of dealing with any problems in my life. Now I’m an adult I’ve restarted playing – just wish I could run as fast and jump as high as I used to!

Why team JHF?

Growing up I was very lucky. I had a loving comfortable home. However, my mum suffered with a severe disability that impacted my life significantly. At times I felt lost, unfocused, embarrassed and sometimes very angry. I dealt with these problems mainly on my own and thankfully I’m proud of who I am today. But I know a charity like the JHF could have had a positive impact on my life, if it had been available to me.

I don’t know what every young person is going through, but I have a drive to give as many young people the opportunity to be the best they can be. Everyone can be great, it’s a matter of finding the right pathway for the individual. The JHF offer this through their Mentoring programme and I’m incredible proud to be part of it.

Things I love

My family. Being outdoors. Photography. Playing basketball. Sticky toffee pudding.