Pearl - Chief Executive Officer

About me

USA born and Canada raised, I studied Human Sciences at the University of Victoria.  During my degree, I volunteered as a Community Programme Leader, mentor, and swim coach for students with a disability. I have always loved the energy that comes from helping others find joy in their lives.  After moving across the pond to Bristol, I spent eight years within corporate business management, strategy and development work.

Why team JHF?

In 2017 I left the private sector in pursuit of a path more meaningful.

Becoming a mother inspired me to promote the welfare of young people, and thankfully being part of team JHF makes this possible every day.

Managing a not-for-profit organisation comes with it’s unique challenges, but they are far outweighed by the satisfaction in seeing first-hand the positive impact achieved. I feel privileged to work alongside such an incredible group of passionate, talented, caring, and fun individuals.

Things I love

Travel, music, yoga, and baking ridiculous birthday cakes with the kids.