Julie - Tutor | Media & Communications Manager

About me

I am a London-born mum of two small boys and have lived in Bristol/North Somerset since 2011.  I am an anthropologist by training, and have worked in academia, film, television, journalism, community outreach and youth advocacy in the UK & the US for 20 years.  I am also trained in gardening and permaculture, and work as a florist on the side.  I believe that raising our game when it comes to the planet, and teaching young people core skills, are the keys to our future.

Why team JHF?

The JHF works tirelessly to champion young people and their individuality, which I am a huge proponent of. All of the staff at JHF care so much, which makes it a delightful and supportive place to work.

Things I love

I love my huge fractional family, dance in all its forms, growing and foraging food, sunshine, canoeing, going to new places, and sometimes doing nothing at all.