Ali - Tutor

About me

My background is in teaching, training and course design. After my degree, I went to Paris to train and work as an actor. I left the acting career for teaching, and from this I bring a love of creativity into my teaching. I taught English and Drama, then spent 15 years working for an education charity in the Probation and Prison Service teaching literacy and coaching groups in family relationships and parenting skills. I trained as a family mediator, and combined this with tutoring and mentoring when I moved to North Somerset with my family a few years ago.

Why team JHF?

Because JHF enables contact, support, learning, and trust-building. It exists to enable young people to develop: maybe their confidence, maybe their learning, or their trust in people, or all of these. With the tutoring, learning can be personal and we can adapt what we do working with each individual. This means everyone learns at a pace that suits them, to their needs and ways of learning.

Things I love

I love chatting, reading, walking, being in or by the sea, Cornwall, being with family and friends, travelling and sightseeing, reading every last bit of the labels in museums, cooking and eating, seafood, being outdoors and lazy Sundays.