Jess - H R Officer

About me

I grew up in Weston Super Mare and after leaving college, I joined a law firm and studied to qualify as a solicitor (whilst working full time!). I took a career break when I had my three beautiful children, and to be honest, I’ve never looked to go back.

Why team JHF?

Once my children were at school, I started getting involved with various things like helping out at my children’s school and volunteering for a schools programme led by a local Judge, where we teach secondary children about the judicial system. When I saw the advert for the JHF, I could immediately relate to what they were trying to achieve and wanted to get on board.

Things I love

I really am a home bird. I love spending time with my family, walking my two rescue dogs or cuddling up my, now very old, cat. I love holidays (Noosa, Australia is the best!) and I love having a clean home, although I hate cleaning. My favourite thing is snuggling with my family for a Sunday morning with a Disney movie!